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Denver: 9th pot product recall in 10 weeks

by Ricardo Baca and David Migoya

The city of Denver recently announced the ninth marijuana recall in 10 weeks  — this one for more than 12,600 packages of pot-infused edibles made by Gaia’s Garden.

The latest voluntary recall, as with the others, targets cannabis products contaminated with potentially dangerous pesticides not approved for use on marijuana.

Wednesday’s recall is the second for Gaia’s Garden, which saw the recall of more than 8,000 packages of edibles in early November. Added together, the two Gaia’s Garden recalls equal the state’s largest-yet recall of infused products.

“To some degree it’s growing pains and not the black eye people might think,” Gaia’s managing partner Eric White said. “This is a sign of a positively building industry.”

Gaia’s Garden’s first recall came as a result of pesticide-tainted marijuana purchased from cultivation facility TruCannabis; the second recall’s source material is unknown and is currently being investigated, according to Denver’s Department of Environmental Health.

Much of the recall is of products produced months ago, White said.

“We rely on our suppliers to bring quality products,” he said, noting his business makes confections from marijuana and its derivatives produced by other companies. “And we need the ability to validate our suppliers.”

Gaia’s has initiated two pesticide tests on all incoming supplies before any production takes place, White said.

Wednesday’s recall involved 30 Gaia’s Garden products — lemon drops sold recreationally and ginger drops sold medically — that tested positive for a number of banned pesticides including myclobutanil, avermectin, imidacloprid and etoxazole.

The company had been a confectioner that produced chocolates and other sweets before taking on cannabis clients.

Consumers who purchased the recalled edibles — marked by specific batch numbers outlined in the city’s press release — should dispose of the product, return it to the point of purchase or email the company at gaiasrecall@gmail.com.

Source: 420Intel.com by Ricardo Baca and David Migoya