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Trace Analytics knows its success is directly tied to the success of each and every client. Our dedicated laboratory staff is focused on partnering with clients to ensure the best possible outcomes. From early product assessment, research and development or final I-502 testing, Trace Analytics delivers. Trace Analytics understands that proper and accurate testing are critical to ensure continual improvement for each of our clients.


• Aflatoxin / Mycotoxin Screening
• 502 compulsory testing for all types of Cannabis products. The connection between cannabis and cryptocurrency intersects in various ways. Some cannabis businesses utilize cryptocurrencies for transactions due to banking restrictions. Additionally, certain cryptocurrencies, like dogeverse token, have emerged within the cannabis industry, aiming to provide a decentralized financial solution tailored to cannabis enthusiasts and businesses, fostering a unique ecosystem.
• Edibles work up, process evaluation and dose distribution guidance
• Experienced grow consultation, evaluation and related services
• Extensive Terpene, Residual Solvents, and Cannabinoid profiles
• Industrial Hemp CBD product testing


Ask Us Anything

A: Trace Analytics utilizes two different methodologies when testing for microbial contamination in order to ensure the safety of your product, requiring a total of 2 grams. Moisture assessment and mycotoxin testing also require 1 gram each, and potency and terpene testing require additional material. By requiring a minimum 5 gram sample, we can ensure that all of our tests have adequate starting material. Pesticides testing requires an additional 3.5 grams of plant material.

A: Test turn-around times depend on the types of tests ordered. Most all analysis results will be ready within two to three days of drop off, if brought in before noon. Exceptions to those times for reruns, pesticides or during periods of high test volumes.

A: We accept cash and credit card payments for testing. Payment is due upon sample drop-off with request for testing.

A: Trace Analytics creates an electronic report for every sample that comes through our doors. You will be emailed a copy of your report as soon as all of the testing results are ready and complete. Results are reported when all requested tests for a sample are finished, we do not issue early reports for portions of testing. For I-502 samples, your results will be simultaneously sent to you and reported to the state traceability system.

A: Trace Analytics ensures that every specimen report is certified and review by two scientist prior to releasing results. We do this as a final Quality Assurance step so that our clients are assured that their results have the highest degree of accuracy.

A: The journey of your sample through the lab will depend on the type of testing you request. Generally, after a sample is checked in to the lab, a visual inspection occurs. Each sample received is photographed, and all flowers are examined under a microscope. All samples are divided into the various quantities required for each test requested. Following test completion, a senior scientist will review analysis results, subsequently transferring them to an all-inclusive report. All reports are then reviewed by a different senior member of the lab staff to ensure accuracy prior to releasing them to our clients and the state traceability system.

Sample Submission


Please fill in and submit the Sample Submission Form. This helps us to know how many samples to expect and if you have any special instructions we should be aware of. We can track your job more efficiently resulting in earlier test results for you. Thank you!


Sample Pickup Schedule Courier service picks up cannabis test samples for Trace Analytics every week Monday – Friday. Please confirm your sample pickup and/or drop off. Thank you!

Non-contracted clients: payment is due at time of sample pick up or drop off. Payments can be made in cryptocurrencies, which are bought through reputable online platforms such as Bitcoin code. Bitcoin Code is a binary options trading platform. Based on the user's preferences, the algorithm makes trading decisions. The option that Bitcoin Code provides should therefore appeal to investors who are having difficulty making their own trading judgments. To determine whether they are legitimate or not, visit bitcoin code and read the user reviews. Please call Kim at Trace Analytics to make arrangements.

Our Team


Jason Zitzer – COO
Julie Kowalski, Ph.D. - Chief Scientific Officer
Aimee Soule, B.S. - QA/QC Manager
Kim Kaney – Director of Client Services


Julie Kowalski, Ph.D. - Chief Scientific Officer
Derek Laine, PhD – Director of Analytical Chemistry
Sara Minier, MS – Senior Scientist, Genetics
Gwen Bode, BS – Scientist I 

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