WA: Mandatory proficiency testing for cannabis testing labs

Breaking News by Alan Brochstein, CFA

Following controversy regarding the accuracy of mandated cannabis lab tests and a public call for action by Steep Hill, Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (WSLCB) has imposed emergency rules regarding proficiency testing:

Emergency Rulemaking

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board adopted Emergency Rules to create WAC 314-55-1025 Proficiency testing and WAC 314-55-1035 Laboratory certification – Suspension and revocation.

WAC 314-55-1025 Proficiency testing

Proficiency testing is an industry standard with labs and allows the Board to know whether labs can achieve reliable, accurate results, and will facilitate uniformity and consistency of labs testing marijuana in Washington.

WAC 314-55-1035 Laboratory certification – Suspension and revocation

Provides avenues for the LCB to suspend or revoke a laboratory’s certification if the lab fails to follow requirements for certification, does not consistently achieve accurate results, or engages in activities that make the lab ineligible to continue to be certified to test marijuana.

The emergency rules became effective April 6, 2016, and expire August 4, 2016. During that time the Board will pursue permanent rulemaking on the topic.

The rules require the labs to pass a test in each area that it claims proficiency (pesticide, microbial, potency, residual solvent, heavy metal, mycotoxin, foreign matter and/or moisture content detection) and then pass at least two out of the three next successive rounds of testing. The labs will be tested at least twice a year. WSLCB has also imposed several additional grounds for suspension besides failing to pass on-going tests. Three violations within a three-year period would result in license revocation.

Download the emergency rules: Washington Cannabis Lab Proficiency Testing

Source: NewCannabisVentures.com