About Us

Trace Analytics was selected to the WSLCB Quality Assurance Work Group –
designed to assure higher standards in the 502 industry.

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Trace Analytics is an advanced agricultural testing laboratory, focused on providing a full array of accurate and timely scientific agricultural testing services. We are committed to providing excellence in testing and consultation services to each of our clients.

The Trace Analytics scientific team is at the forefront of the industry, with state of the art instrumentation, novel testing platforms, and cutting edge technology. Our high standards and dedication to accurate results help provide a strong foundation for clients to use when developing and improving their production and processing techniques.

We are located in Eastern Washington, across from downtown Spokane’s scenic Riverfront Park and Veteran’s Arena. The laboratory is currently servicing the entire state of Washington, with both scheduled sample drop off and pickup available.

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•    Experienced laboratory staff

•    Versatile consulting staff

•    Product development, design and research

•    Cannabis industry networking and marketing

•    Business development