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Westside Sample Pickup

Sample Pickup Schedule

GoGreen Enterprises courier service picks up cannabis test samples for Trace Analytics every week on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Or, you can drop off your sample with submission form at The Grass Station, 103 W Galbreath Way, Ritzville, WA (next to Starbucks off freeway 90 exit #149)

Please confirm your sample pickup and/or drop off. Thank you!

If you are a GoGreen customer or contracted Trace Analytics client call for volume discount rates.

Non-contracted clients: payment is due at time of sample pick up or drop off. Please call Kim at Trace Analytics to make arrangements.

Continue:   Sample Submission. 

GoGreen Cannabis Courier Enterprises is a comprehensive courier service created by industry professionals. Composed of security, transportation and business experts,  GGE is an industry leader in third party security and transportation compliance. With an emphasis on expertise in security and professionalism, GoGreen Enterprises provides peace of mind for Washington cannabis companies.

GoGreen Cannabis Courier Services truck