New I-502 testing requirements 9-1-17

In line with mandated state requirements (WSR 17-12-032), new I-502 testing requirements begin Friday, September 1, 2017..

In addition to current I-502 testing requirements, these are the changes Producers/Processors can expect.

• Flower – All I-502 flower samples will now require Mycotoxin screening and Water Activity analysis..

Additionally, WSLCB passing criteria for bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria will increase from 1,000 CFU/gram to 10,000 CFU/gram.

• Extracts – All I-502 extract samples will now require Residual Solvent testing. Any extract lots created with flower that was not tested or previously failed Mycotoxin screening will also need to be re-tested for Mycotoxins to pass state requirements.

Please feel free to contact us at (509) 284-7522 to inquire about testing packages and associated costs.

WSLCB Statement on Rule Change

New Rules (WSR 17 12 032):